'Wow, I don't remember any of this.'

A former animator that has had an unlucky streak lately.


Why am I doing this at 5 am


Describe their personality and how they treat others here.


Was it a tragic past, or a happy upbringing? What kind of universe do they come from? Describe that here. It doesn't have to be in depth, just a quick reference for those who don't know the character.


Who do they know? This can be other characters they've met in roleplay on the wiki. It doesn't have to be a list of people they know from their franchise.


Here you can list you character's different skills. This is also where power limiters will be described on that character. Use this template -

Power Name  

Power Name gives Example Character the ability to smite their foes!

Current Info 


List any groups they're part of here.

Roleplays They Are Or Were In: 

List all the roleplays they've contributed in.


You put them in a ratio of K/D. If you character's died 3 times and kill 2, it would be 2/3.


What items does this character own?

Starting Items

What does this character always have on them? Do these items supply some of the abilities they have?


  • Add any other facts about your character you want to here!
  • Make sure to bullet list it.
    • And use indents from sub info.


Here you can put images of your character. An Idea would be a full body ref, as well as a headshot. Make sure to credit the original artist, or only use official art.