• Follow Wiki rules.
  • Don't be rude to others please.
  • No graphic stuff, there may be nasty fights but please do not describe *every* detail of it.
  • No sexual stuff at all. Ever.
  • Don't steal ideas, if you really want to use an idea someone came up with, ask first.
  • No God Modding or Meta Gaming unless the character is specifically able (in which case they're likely gonna have a power limiter stamped onto them so they can't do it anyway.)


  • Characters MUST be canon.
    • This means they must exist somewhere and not be altered too dramatically.
      • For example, I have an OC named Bee. She is not allowed. If I want Sans from Undertale, I cannot turn him into a human, nor use Underswap's version. I can however apply the headcanon that he subconsciously remembers resets as that's not confirmed nor denied by the game.
  • Duplicates of characters ARE allowed, if this happens name the person in charge of the character in parenthesis after the page name.
    • Example: Example (Candlefly) and Example (MixieRoast) can both exist and even meet each other despite both of them being Example.
  • If your character gets a power limiter, do not get upset. It is not an attack on you. It just means the character was dubbed 'too strong' by the ones running the experiment.
  • Characters not only can die, they respawn. Which means you keep the same character even if they die so don't get upset.
  • Do not take OOC conflicts into a roleplay.
    • Example: Say Mixieroast somehow steals a cookie from Candlefly despite being separated by an ocean. Candlefly can't have Example attack Mixie's character for no reason despite Example normally being a calm character.
  • Do not randomly ship characters that don't go together. This was a major problem in quite a few RP groups I (Candlefly) was in, forced ships are annoying at best and makes people leave at worst.
  • Attempt not to pick a canon character that's a Mary Sue. If you do, it's getting nerfed to the ground with Power Limiters.
  • While you can have as many characters as you want, you can only have 3 characters from the same franchise.


  • There are three types of Roleplays, Major, Minor, and Silly.
  • Major RPs can only be made by Candlefly or Mixieroast. They advance the main plot. If one of made by anyone else, it will be deleted.
  • Minor RPs can be made by anyone and may or may not advance the plot. These will likely be the most common.
  • Silly RPs are ones that are non-canon to the RP and you can go wild in. Please keep the number of these low to keep the wiki from getting off focus. Characters should not reference a silly RP from outside a silly RP.
  • Power limiters can be applied in an RP if a character does something extreme enough, this may remove a character from said RP. This is again, not a personal attack on you so don't be upset.
  • Characters cannot cheat power limiters.
  • We allow any kind of Roleplay style as long as it's readable. This means not 1337 (Unless you happen to be playing something like a Homestuck Troll), and no thesaurus throw up.